Rest in Peace.

Sakuchi a posted Oct 29, 13
Well, this is my goodbye to the server.

I've cherished every fun and joyous time I had on the server, but sadly, it has come to an end.

I will not apply to any server for staff anymore as this may be the last time you will see me playing on Minecraft. I have gotten bored of it and the server was the only thing that kept me running.

Well. This is my conclusion. I hope I will still have contact of you guys in the near future.

[Admin of a once amazing server named XenonCraft.]
LBPGuy197 it well my favorite server in till the END.
William People have donated to the server because they thought that this community was the right choice for them, and I think th...
William I don't think shutting down the server/community is the right thing to do...

Server shut down

SleepingPotato a posted Oct 27, 13
Sorry all, but the server will shut down because of lack of funds, stress to me, and other personal things that is going on, such as school. The server will end within this week. So please, everyone say farewell to others and hope we can meet again soon!

I know that most of you guys will be sad, but the end has came...

- SleepingPotato
KidDragon11 Guys! I dont know if you all still read this, but I have made a minecraft server that we can all meet up on!!! The IP i...
shadow999972 is there a new server from xenon?
shadow999972 sleepingpotato i fond my prifile

Lack of Funds

SleepingPotato a posted Oct 23, 13
Hello all, we have bad news. We are not getting any server funds to this server to keep this community staying strong. If this continues to happen, the server will shut down for good. Our goal for this server is now $75.00 every month. If we reach this goal, then the server will be in good shape, if not, then this whole community will shut down for good. 

Please donate as much as you can, and remember, bring all of your friends to this server, and help them donate as well! 

We need your help, to keep the community growing. Thanks 

- SleepingPotato
HeFluffedMeUp SleepingPotato dont shut it down. This server is everything. I would beg you all day and night to just keep it running. ...
cooldude8530 why don,t we put the amount off players at a time down coz the most that have ever been on at a time is 23 so we don,t n...
cooldude8530 I would donate but don't have a card coz am too young, hope some people do donate and or join the server.

We have a subreddit!

Sakuchi a posted Oct 6, 13
Hey everyone! We officially have a subreddit for XenonCraft.

For those who don't know, Reddit is a site where you can make subreddits, like categories, for people who are interested in something to post stuff related to the subreddit with other people who subscribe to the subreddit. (I know, confusing. Just check the site, lol.)

Here's the site:

You need to register to post stuff in the subreddit, but it'll only take seconds. Feel free to post anything in the subreddit. Please look at the sticky post.

RandomDan97 Great idea I hope we can get a lot of new members out of this

YouTube Contest!

SleepingPotato a posted Sep 22, 13
Hey everyone! We are holding a new contest for a chance to win ranks on the server! The previous contest has been removed because of some difficulties. This contest is much easier to enter! The rules are:

You must be a member of this Website
Must post a Server Review about this server on YouTube
You must post the link on a new thread on "General Disscussion"
Two or more people cannot be credited for one video


Best Video with the most creativity: ~Diamond Rank~

Video with the most honest Review: ~Emerald Rank~

Participation for the contest as well as a unique video: ~Stone Rank~

This contest will end from a month from this post. Good luck!
shadow999972 how to do stap 3?
CadeTheCreator ive already made a few lets plays on xenoncraft on my channel. Would any of those count? or would i have to make a speci...
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